What’s Happening on Bastille Day in New Orleans?

There are many different activities and events to enjoy with family and friends on Bastille Day. It’s a day full of fun, excitement and entertainment so you definitely won’t be bored. It’s a good idea to schedule your day so you don’t miss out on anything. You will usually be able to access a scheduled event online closer to the time. So without further ado, let’s see what you can get up to…

Fireworks Displays

Bastille Day isn’t Bastille Day without a magical firework display to end the day off with a bang! Fireworks displays have been used to celebrate Bastille Day since the very beginning in 1880 when it became a national holiday. The only difference now is that they’ve become bigger and better and attract more people every year. After a day full of fun and activities, there’s nothing better than to find a good spot with your friends and family and enjoy a beautiful display of fireworks in the sky.


New Orleans has a parade every year for Bastille Day. Make sure you don’t miss it! However, it’s very different to the traditional French Bastille Day one that you probably have in mind. The parade that takes place in France is known as ”the traditional military parade” because the military parade through the town. Also, very important people attend such as government officials and the president. It’s also televised so nobody has to miss out on it. The New Orleans is nothing like this. Instead, it’s a more modern celebration with dancers and musicians showcasing their skills. And you’re more than welcome to sign up and join the parades too! Or you can simply follow the parades route from behind or watch from the side. It’s great entertainment for everyone.

Food & Drink

Hungry? Bastille Day in New Orleans is practically a food festival! You will find lots of food stalls everywhere selling delicious French and New Orleans dishes for everyone to enjoy. If you want to know more about what yummy dishes you can get your hands on, check out our Foods & Special Dishes Enjoyed at Bastille Day in New Orleans. If you’re a local, it’s a great chance to try out some authentic French dishes. And if you’re a tourist, it’s a great chance to try both. Also, if you rather have a sit-down or fine dining experience, you should check out the best restaurants in New Orleans. Typically on Bastille Day, there will be some french specials on the menu. Just don’t forget to book in advance so you’re not disappointed. Our Top 10 Restaurants to Visit in New Orleans page will give you an idea of where to go!

Children’s activities

We understand that as a parent, sometimes it’s difficult to keep your children entertained at events you want to go to. But fear not! Bastille Day is also a brilliant event for children to enjoy too. There are usually a great number of activities for children to enjoy. Here are a few examples of what you will be able to find:

  • Arts and crafts workshops – painting a french flag or any other french symbols
  • Treasure hunts – In these hunts, french flags will be hidden in locations with clues on to find the next one. There are prizes involved for the ones who complete it the fasest
  • Performances – there are puppet shows on throughout the day

This is just to name a few! Make sure you check out a full events list when one becomes available.

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